About IssueControl Limited

IssueControl Limited was formed in April 2009 by Richard Prossor. Richard is also Managing Director of Chas E Prossor & Co Ltd - an independent Specialist Safety Distributor based in Liverpool in the North West of England. Please have a look at the Prossor website to see the range of products supplied and feel free to contact sales for any of your PPE requirements.

The IssueControl™ web application came out of Prossor's focus on Health and Safety requirements at a time when PPE products are viewed more and more like commodities. There is a key difference:

It matters to which individual within a company an item of PPE is supplied to rather than just the quantity of PPE that is supplied.

This focus on the needs of the individual leads to the concept of the Issue Level and the recognition that Compliance Control (including Health & Safety) and Demand Management are activities that take place at the Issue Level. IssueControl™ is an Issue Level application.

IssueControl Limited has been formed as a separate business because the concepts are not limited to the PPE market place. IssueControl™ is designed to bring Demand Management, Asset Management, and Compliance Control to all employee issued products and services.

Contact Details

IssueControl Limited

70 Stanhope St, Liverpool, L8 5RF, UK

+44 (0)151 207 1832